The Delta Fire Fighters Healthy Snack Program was launched in March 2021 and is part of our Charitable Societies commitment to support those in need within our community.

This initiative, currently funded by Delta’s firefighters via payroll deductions and generous community donors, recognizes the crucial role that nutrition plays in the development and learning of children and youth.

Our program delivers snacks every month and includes many options for breakfast, snack break and lunch. This program is run on a volunteer basis and program costs are kept to a minimum. Off-duty Delta Firefighters volunteer their time to purchase, organize and deliver snacks to the schools in Delta, reaching almost 1500 empty stomachs, every day.

Our goal is to eliminate the stigma behind needing and asking for help. There is absolutely no charge to the schools or to the students for this food.

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“This snack program helps alleviate some financial stress for families and kids have easy access to snacks, there are no barriers as they can grab snacks whenever they feel hungry. This program also helps to build community relationships and the children get so excited when they see the fire trucks pull up to make the deliveries.”

Kirsten Hermanson, District Manager - Prevention & School Wellness, Delta School District #37

“I’m so proud of Delta Fire Fighters and the launch of this program. Once again, they are finding a need within the community and coming together to fulfill that need. The fact that this program is being funded by members through the payroll deduction program and Fire Fighters are volunteering to coordinate and deliver the snacks, this truly demonstrates how we can make a positive difference in our community.”

Guy McKintuck - Fire Chief, Delta Fire Department