Delta Firefighters are proud of our payroll deduction / contribution program whereby our members are able to earmark wages, directly from our paycheques to be used to benefit our community.

This money is pooled together to fund larger, long-term improvements in healthcare, education and support to citizens.

Some recent highlights:


In 2016 the Delta Firefighters Charitable Society announced a four year, $100,000 commitment to help fund expansion within the Delta Hospital. This money will be donated, in its entirety, by the firefighters themselves.

In recognition of this gift, a new room in the Peter C. and Elizabeth Toigo Diagnostic Services Building will be named the ‘Delta Firefighters Radiography Room.’

This gift brings the total amount of financial support received from Delta’s firefighters over $500,000.

“With this donation to Delta Hospital, our firefighters will have invested over $2 million into our community through our fundraising endeavours and our own personal giving,” says Delta Firefighters Charitable Society Director, Ben Lewis. “As firefighters, we are helping and connecting with people in our community every day. Regardless of the type of call we respond to, we are always aware that at some point, our professional assistance ends, and the people we meet become part of a larger system of support and care, offered by services in our community. It is important to our members that these services are able to provide the best care possible. Putting this program in place to allow Delta Firefighters to donate money from their own pay cheques to the ongoing care of patients at Delta Hospital is a tremendous opportunity to serve the citizens of Delta outside of our professional duties.”

hospital expansion commitment


In 2013 Delta Firefighters and the Charitable Society agreed to jointly fund a contribution to the construction of the new BCPFFA Burn Fund Centre at an amount of $100,000.

The new Burn Fund Centre will be the best place for burn and trauma survivors to recover.

Conveniently located at E. 23rd Avenue and Main Street between the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn, Trauma & Plastics Unit at VGH & BC Children’s Hospital, the Centre will include:

  • 8 short-term-stay, furnished accommodation suites for patients and families while undergoing treatment at VGH or Children’s Hospital, on discharge transition or returning for follow up appointments
  • Common spaces for all guests; a family friendly great room, children’s play area, large family kitchen, laundry facilities, computer stations, resource and games library, secure outdoor spaces, and healing garden with plants chosen for their burn injury-friendly qualities
  • Information, Referrals & Subsidies for Child, Youth & Adult Burn Survivors
  • “Future Is Mine”—Adult Burn Survivor Program
  • Young Burn Survivor – Summer Camp
  • Burn & Safety Awareness Educational Resources & Programs
  • BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund Administration Offices
  • Ground Floor includes 3,100 square feet of prime retail space—a social venture to support the building’s operations
BCPFFA Burn Fund Centre