Brad’s Challenge

At the 2018 Harvest Festival Brad Newell found himself concerned about the lack of funding for the event’s primary beneficiary, the Delta Connex Program adminstered by Delta Reach.

To help push the fundraising efforts over the top he approached our Charitable Society with an offer to donate $25,000 to the program on behalf of his family to make sure that this program would be able to continue through the next year.

In recognition that there is still more to be done to keep this important program going he is challenging the community of Delta to match his funds so that his generous donation is doubled to $50,000.



Delta Connex is a program adminstered by Delta Reach Child and Youth Development Society.  The program provides direct support services to families dealing with complex developmental disorders.   While partially funded by the government, there is currently a large waitlist for services due to a lack of funding.   Delta Firefighters committed to helping Delta Reach keep this program in operation through 2019.

    • 2,160 removes one family from the waitlist with 6 months of services covered
    • $21,600 will provide these direct services to 10 children and their families in the Connex program for 6 months, or 5 families with severe and critical needs for an entire year.
    • The waitlist has been consistently 2-3 years long, with 15 families currently waiting for services.
    • Thanks to Brad’s donation, $25,000 will remove 12 families from the waitlist immediately.
    • $32,400 will remove all families from the current waitlist and ensure direct support for 6 months!!
    • For some families, 6 months of service is sufficient, for others they will remain in the program much longer.
    • We have currently be supporting 20-30 families per year depending on funding, at a rate of $45-$65,000 per year in addition to Ministry funding. (Reach has to raise these additional funds needed to support these families or the waitlist would increase)

If we can match Brad’s donation, this challenge will result in full support to 24 families in Delta for a full year!!