It was an honour to serve this great community as Delta’s Fire Chief for 11 years.
Delta is a diverse community when it comes to emergency response. As the largest geographical city in the Region, Delta is comprised of residential, commercial and industrial properties; Delta Port; Ferry Terminal; Burns Bog; Boundary Bay Airport and several major highways; all of which present unique challenges for First Responders. By ensuring our Emergency Services are adequately resourced with appropriate staffing levels and equipment, we increase our capacity to deal with large scale events. When disaster strikes the highest level of training is essential for the safety of First Responders, the public and the preservation of property, environment and economy. Recent large-scale events like the 2016 Burns Bog Fire and 2018 Sunwood Neighbourhood Fire are examples of how excellent planning, training and response contribute to successful and speedy mitigation. Ensuring that our Emergency First Responders continue to have the highest level of training as well as the resources available to them in the event of an emergency will continue to be a priority of mine.