Peer Support Team

The Peer Support Team consists of firefighters who have received training through the IAFF Peer Support Program.

These members have been taught to lend a sympathetic ear to fellow firefighters who are experiencing stress or  other adverse reactions to stressful situations regardless of the cause.  In addition to their ability to provide general support to fellow firefighters they are also well educated on our Employee Assistance Program, referall networks within the city as well as developed by the Provincial and how to access the various support components.

They can serve as a guide for selecting the appropriate resources that can provide further, competent and professional help to our members in need.

Name Phone Email CIS Group? CIS Indiv? Peer Support
Bill Taylor 778 317 3046 Yes Yes Yes
John Burr 604 323 6429 Yes Yes Yes
Maddy Lamphier 604 375 9695 Yes Yes Yes
Rob Almrud 778 688 5971 Yes Yes
Martin Konrad 778 836 8589 Yes Yes Yes
Jason Windblad 604 760 6516 Yes Yes
Nigel Ward 604 618 1341 Yes Yes
Colin Clarke 604 839 7839 Yes Yes
Jason McLeod 778 230 2837 Yes Yes
Ben Lewis 604 999 6366 Yes Yes Yes
Dave Sears 778-837-9274 Yes
Dan Willing 778-229-2872 Yes Yes
Steve Mercier 778-998-7438 Yes Yes